Web Radio Classics The Best Music You Forgot
The Big Red Phone
The guys behind the scenes
Mike Berry
Mike is the co-creator of Web Radio Classics! A radio vet of 50 years, Mike knows what sounds good musically & technically. Check out www.98wrc.com for more on Mike.
Skip McCloskey
Skip is the other co-creator of WRC Web Radio Classics. Having been in the broadcast business for over 40 years, he’s collected a lot of music... much of it you hear everyday. The programming & website keeps him busy. More at www.98wrc.com
Web Radio Classics was inspired by Washingtion DC Top 40 radio station WRC - The Great 98 Many of the voices you hear worked at WRC or WKYS Also many jingles and other program elements were also heard on the station. To learn more go to www.98wrc.com