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Web Radio Classics was inspired by Washingtion DC Top 40 radio station WRC - The Great 98 Many of the voices you hear worked at WRC or WKYS Also many jingles and other program elements were also heard on the station. To learn more go to www.98wrc.com
The Latest On Our Battle To Continue Streaming
As most of you know by now, webcasters & podcasters are facing a serious crossroads. An agreement that kept our royalty fees in check ran out at the end of 2015. We have seen an 80% increase in royalty fees alone.  This is more than what AM/FM terrestrial stations are required to pay.  Needless to say, small webcasters cannot afford these rates. To learn more of what we are facing, here’s a few links:
As of now Web Radio Classics intends to absorb the increase but we are asking for your help. When we play a song, the number of listeners is calculated and we are charged per listener per song. Even if you’re tuned in only for a few seconds. What we are asking is when you are done listening, turn us off or if your device has a sleep timer use it. It actually hurts us if your device is playing the Web Radio Classics and nobody is listening.
If we had to make cuts, what would you agree with:
Discontinue iOS and Android apps (IE: use Tune In instead)
Move to Radionomy and listen to ads and their website
Downgrade number of listeners tuned in at any given time
Do Quizzes