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Web Radio Classics was inspired by Washingtion DC Top 40 radio station WRC - The Great 98 Many of the voices you hear worked at WRC or WKYS Also many jingles and other program elements were also heard on the station. To learn more go to www.98wrc.com
In the next week or two, we are being forced to change our online player. Hopefully it won’t be a clunky as what we’ve seen so far. This is all because the Copyright Royalties Board have raised their rates to webcasters.  The service we subscribe to needs us to change our player so they can insert ads.  We are not happy! It’s obvious that the CRB wants all online stations gone! We still urge you to contact you local congress-person and let them know your feelings about the large rate increase webcasters are being forced to pay. We are still doing everything we can to remain online and bring you The Best Music You Forgot